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Waste Management

We take care of your business’s waste in a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Sanitary Bins Supply

We supply fully sterilized plastic clinical waste bins with a foot pedal system for minimal contact.

Recycling Solutions

We’re passionate about improving the waste recycling process, we can help your business to comply with regulatory laws.

As a company, London Waste Clearance Ltd focuses heavily on protecting the environment and reducing our company footprint.

We aim to fully recycle as much waste as we are able to and are always looking at new ways of recycling more efficiently.

As a business owner, you probably don’t want to worry about waste management and disposal, London Waste Clearance Ltd will take care of your business’s waste from collection & disposal to making your business fully compliant with current regulations and guidelines. We serve a wide range of industries and our services are tailored for each individual client.

London Waste Clearance Ltd

Safe, Reliable and hassle-free Waste Management Service

We specialise in the collection, transportation & management of all commercial waste. Our fleet of new trucks range in size and are all fitted with State of the art equipment allowing us to manage a broad spectrum of customer requirements.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • COVID-19 PPE waste management & recycling
  • Construction site waste management
  • General waste recycling
  • Demolition waste management
  • Office refurbishment waste management

Our Specialities

We Specialise In
The Following Areas

We take care of clinical waste, large items and bin collections in a professional way and transport it to our local recycling centres. We serve a wide variety of industries and businesses.

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We Supply
COVID-19 Essentials

We supply all of our clients with a purposely designed, plastic clinical waste bin with a central foot pedal to allow minimal surface contact. This is supplied with a double-skinned inner-bag which is also clinical-grade plastic in which the used PPE is collected. Once both the bag and the Bin are full, London Waste Clearance collects the bin and delivers a new one at whichever frequency you require In line with government guidelines stipulating that used PPE should not be mixed with general or any other type of waste.

Fully Sterilised Bin

Contactless Delivery

Available In 50L, 100L & 240L Size

Custom Colors Available

Collection and Disposal Of
COVID-19 Waste

We will responsibly collect all PPE waste including gloves, masks, face shields, Hand Sanitiser Bottles and Protective suits.

All of our COVID-19 PPE waste is 100% recycled, as a company London Waste Clearance Ltd focus heavily on protecting the environment.



Anti-bacterial Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Protective Suits

Disposing PPE waste from your Workplace will be straightforward with us

All members of the London waste Clearance Team will be wearing full PPE and obey social distancing measures at all times throughout our service.

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